Uniform and Equipment

We are proud of our uniform and we do expect all children to wear it. 

Girls and Boys may choose from the following list:

Polo shirt white with Foxmoor logo
Sweatshirt Royal blue with Foxmoor logo
Cardigan Royal blue with Foxmoor logo
Trousers/Shorts Grey (not black or blue)
Skirt or Pinafore dress Grey (not black or blue)
Summer wear Royal blue and white dresses (checked or striped)
Footwear Black sensible shoes (no boots or trainers)
White or grey socks or tights
Hair accessories Long hair must be tied or clipped back. Please ensure hair accessories are royal blue, white, black or brown
Hair No extreme hairstyles. No lines shaved into short hair
Book bag Royal blue with school logo


PE Kit: Must be kept in a named bag available from Batemans School wear Retailer

  • 1 white t-shirt
  • 1 pair royal blue shorts
  • 1 pair black gym shoes (Reception and Yr 1 Velcro)
  • 1 spare pair socks
  • Classes 1, 2 and 3 should have a spare pair of pants and socks in case of accidents
  • 1 pair trainers (optional)
  • 1 pair royal blue jogging bottoms


Most of the above items are available from Batemans Schoolwear Retailer in Kendrick Street, Stroud. You can order online or go into the shop.

All clothing, including shoes and gym shoes, must be clearly and permanently marked with the child’s name.

If items are not marked there is little we can do to help if items are lost.

It is advisable to provide an overall or an old shirt for art and craft lessons.

Children will need bags to carry their books and equipment but we would ask that these bags are kept to a sensible size. There is limited storage space and large bags take up too much room in the cloakroom. Suitable bags are available from Bateman's Sports.

We would prefer that children do not wear earrings. However, if it is important to you, please ensure that you leave sufficient time in the summer holidays for pierced ears to heal before coming back to school. only small studs are acceptable and only one per lobe. They must not be worn for any physical activity, thus the children must be able to remove and replace them themselves or not wear them on PE days.